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Rewriting Your Bio

This was one of my favorite MAIP sessions this summer!

First of all Jezz Chung is such a unique, energetic and lovely individual. This session was much needed! So many times, when we are writing our bios or speaking about ourselves, we tend to stay surface level and not dig deep. Throughout the time that we spent with Jezz, I was able to look deep within myself and see my worth. As a young black, female creative the world and industry hasn’t been very accepting of my community.

Jezz Chung and MAIP are wonderful resources that have allowed me to feel comfortable with myself and being able to bring my whole authentic self to the table whenever I am doing something! I know that my story is still being written and I now know what I want. I will be a young creative in the industry, that will evoke change, while helping those behind me know there is a seat at the table for them as well

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