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The Background:

Bearbottom is a menswear brand that provides their consumes with high quality and fashionable clothing and accessories. The company infuses a one-to-one model with their business by donation shorts to children in Bangladesh.  

The Ask: 

Create an equal messaging between the one-to-one model and quality of the shorts.

The Problem:

Consumers are unaware of the one-to-one model that Bear Bottom supports. Their charity is looked as an after thought by many consumers.

The Opportunity: 

Create equal messaging for the one-to-one model, fix the consumer perception of the brand and enhance the user experience on the brand website. 

The Research: 

We conducted primary research in order to gain insight on consumer perceptions of the brand, product offering, quality and messaging. 

The Strategy: 

Comfort with a conscience.

The New Concept: 

Position Bearbottom as a brand that offers functionality and great quality at a high price for they target audience. We want Bearbottom to focus on three core areas to create an equal message between their one-to-one model and their products. The story, the model and the messaging were all rebranded to reach this common goal. 

The Team:

Halle Nurse: Creative Brand Manager 

Melissa Poe: Experience Designer

Connor Noh: Copywriter

Krista Stanley: Art Director

My Role:

Research, Strategy and Deck Design 

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